Yes it’s that time again! Even though San Diego doesn’t have a harsh winter, our skin sure does.

Skin becomes drier, and conditions like eczema, dermatitis and rosacea can worsen. Here’s some quick tips to calm and hydrate the skin.

1. Switch your cleanser.

As skin becomes drier it’s important to switch to a gentle cleanser. Osmosis “Cleanse” is a calming cleanser that doesn’t strip the natural protective lipid barrier. It’s also free of sodium lauryl sulfate which is a common irritant found in the majority of cleansers. Rhonda Allison’s “Creamy Milk Cleanser” is also a wonderful soothing cleanser.

2. Add extra hydration to the skin.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that shows age more than dry, tight skin.  Every wrinkle is more pronounced and who wants that? Switch from a lightweight daily moisturizer to a heavier cream. “Enrich” by Osmosis is a night moisturizer that can be used during the day as well in order to alleviate dry skin. Or add “Nourish”, an organic facial oil. It’s made from cold pressed avocado oil and can protect from moisture loss while giving your skin that extra glow.  

3. Exfoliate.

While this may seem counter intuitive, gentle exfoliation with an enzyme will help your moisturizer actually work better. I’m not talking harsh scrubs here ladies! Osmosis “Polish” is a gentle enzyme that does just what it says, it polishes gently. Rhonda Allison’s “Derma Peel“ is a grapefruit and papaya enzyme that is also amazing.

4. Slather on anti-aging serums.

No matter the climate, skin is affected by the environment causing sun spots, the breakdown of collagen, and premature fine lines. It’s critical to use serums such as Osmosis “Stemfactor”, “Catalyst AC-11” and “Rescue” to counteract the damage all year round. And don’t forget the sunscreen – a daily does of SPF 30 will keep skin protected, even on cold, cloudy days.

5. Water and other hydrating strategies.

We all know we need to drink water; at least 64 ounces a day. One of the issues in winter is that we want to drink more hot beverages. Coffee and black tea can be dehydrating. Try hot water with lemon, or green tea to keep skin hydrated. Avoid excess alcohol and caffeine. Fish oil or flaxseed can help rehydrate the skin cells and give skin a healthier look. A diet that includes walnuts, avocados and olive oil can also help keep skin hydrated.

6. Take shorter showers.

A long hot shower feels good, I know. But it also strips the natural oils out of the skin and compromises the lipid barrier, contributing to more dry skin! So lower the temperature and limit the time in the shower. Immediately following the shower, while skin is still damp, apply a thick emollient body moisturizer.  

7. Keep moving!

Lastly, it’s tempting when temperatures cool and it’s dark at 4:45 pm to want to go home, put the pjs on, grab a glass of wine and watch Netflix. However, physical activity is critical to skin health.  It keeps the muscles toned and the circulation moving! So in the New Year get committed to staying active.

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